The Paris Auto Show will be open to the public through the end of this week. But not everyone can pop over to Paris to see the latest innovations in automotive.

  • Renault Trezor GT Concept
  • Volkswagen ID Concept
  • Mercedes EQ Generation Concept
  • LaFerrari Aperta
  • Audi Q5
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Honda Civic Type R Prototype
  • Hyundai RN30 Concept

Renault Trezor GT Concept

The Trezor is all all-electric sports car concept with a Formula E racing heart. The interior of the all-electric sports car is decked out in wood and leather and has high-definition touchscreens. The vehicle has three driving modes: neutral, sport and autonomous. And it accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds


Volkswagen ID Concept

Volkswagen wants nothing more than to put its diesel emissions scandal, which erupted in September 2015, in its rearview. The ID concept shows where it’s heading. The ID concept has a battery range between 249 and 373 miles and will be launched as a compact electric car in 2020.

The production version of this car will be the first by Volkswagen to reach the market based on its new modular design for electric cars that the company unveiled last year. In other words, this electric platform is Volkswagen’s future.

Mercedes EQ Generation Concept

This all- electric concept crossover can travel up to 312 miles on a single charge and is loaded with tech. It’s important because Mercedes describes this as a “close-to-production” concept vehicle. It’s meant to be a precursor to a new Mercedes brand called EQ, which will cover a number of electric products, from vehicles and charging services to home energy storage units.

LaFerrari Aperta

Only 200 of these $2 million hybrid convertible sports cars will be produced for carefully selected clients. But even if you have the cash, you wouldn’t be able to buy it. The sports car was sold out before its official debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 has been the German automaker’s most successful vehicle, especially in the United States, where SUVs and crossovers are more popular than sedans. For this next-generation version, Audi didn’t hold back. The luxury crossover is bigger and more powerful, and yet lighter and more fuel efficient.

It’s also loaded with tech, including up to 30 driver assistance systems. The Audi Q5 will be manufactured at a new plant in Mexico that opened last week.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover has finally brought back one of its best-known nameplates. The new generation of the full-sized, three-row, seven-seat SUV has been refreshed and updated. The 2017 Discovery is lighter than its predecessor, has semi-autonomous driving features, including one that assists when trying to back up with a trailer attached. The SUV also up to nine USB ports, six 12-volt charging points, and an in-car 3G WiFi hotspot for up to eight devices.

Honda Civic Type R Prototype

The Honda Civic Type R Prototype is displayed on media day at the Paris auto show, in Paris
Photo: Reuters

The Honda Civic Type R prototype is the performance concept version of the Civic. And it has a lot of Honda enthusiasts excited. For the first time ever, the Type R is coming to the United States.

Hyundai RN30 Concept

There’s a lot to love about this racing concept—just look at it. But it’s also notable because the RN30 hints at what Hyundai’s first N performance car will look like. The upcoming N brand, which Hyundai revealed last year, will be performance and and race-track capable vehicles.