Our personal vehicles are a major cause of global warming. Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all emissions, emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for every gallon of gas. About five pounds comes from the extraction, production, and delivery of the fuel, while the great bulk of heat-trapping emissions—more than 19 pounds per gallon—comes right out of a car’s tailpipe.

Nitrogen oxides are gaseous air pollutant produced as a result of road traffic and other fossil fuel combustion process.

Passenger vehicles are a major pollution contributor,producing significant amounts of nitrogen oxides and other pollution.These pollutants especially the nitrogen oxide is known to be highly toxic to both animals and humans. Humans exposed to high concentrations suffer lung irritation and potential lung damage. Children may also be especially sensitive to the effects of nitrogen oxides.

Other effects include:

  • Formation of acid rain
  • Ground level ozone which can trigger serious respiratory problems
  • Nutrients overload that deteriorates water quality and also reduce visibility

To avoid intense inhalation of this particle,drivers or passengers can often make use of nasal mask as it is almost impossible for us not to be stucked in traffic or use the roads.

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