It’s about 5pm on a stinking hot Thursday,and you are on your way home from the office. Looking outside,your air conditioned car never felt  so good.The cool air rushing over your  face is so pleasing compared to the increasing heat outside.

Then the smell hits you real hard because of the condensation that has gathered on the evaporator coil of your car’s air conditioning system. Making your sense of smell acclimatize after few minutes.

A  car’s air conditioning system can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria,Micro organisms, mold and  fungi which can be a serious health concern especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

Once the Bacteria has grown,the air passes over the evaporator,picking up particles of this waste before entering the car’s cabin through the air conditioning vents.

This can bring about  symptoms of car sick syndrome like; itchy or watery eyes,drowsiness,running nose and what have you.

Such is the prevalence of medical conditions caused by situations like this, they’ve been given a name; Sick Car Syndrome.

Symptoms of Sick Car Syndrome include:

– Headaches

– Running nose

– Drowsiness

– Itchy and/or watery eyes

– Flu like symptoms

Prevention to Sick Car Air conditions

  • Clean the car once in a 15days and make sure any food crumbs or other material which can foster fungi is cleaned out using some good cleaner.
  • This is most important,  park your car in the sun once in a while so that  the inside of the car gets heated once in a while. This helps especially in rainy season.
  • When ever you get a chance make sure that you intake air from outside into the car. Closed air helps fungi grow faster than clean air from outside.
  • Use some good car perfume to masks the foul smell that emanates from the AC ducts.

But not to worry too much,these bacteria can be prevented from building up in your air conditioning system.

Using your air conditioning regularly,running the  defrost setting after long periods of use and most importantly,having the system served regularly can prevent your car air conditioning system from such infection.

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