What is pregnancy: is a state in which a woman is carrying a child. An embryo is the developing offspring during the first eight weeks following conception, after which, the term fetus is used until birth.

An expectant mother is at an higher risk of encountering road accident during the second trimester because of the pregnancy reactions just as someone with sleep apnea.

Dr. Redelmeier thinks chances of road accident during the first trimester  may be because of all the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

“We’ve known for a long time that pregnancy causes fatigue, insomnia, nausea and stress,” he says. “What we wondered was how all those factors might contribute to driver error and the possibility of a life-threatening motor vehicles crash … I was surprised by the magnitude of the effect. … It’s a substantial risk.”

Pregnancy comes with a long list of do’s  and don’t but if you don’t mind,we can add this  to that list. Most Importantly,Expectant mothers are more likely to have serious car crashes,they are expected to Drive more carefully.

Safety Caution to take

Obey stop signs: As a pregnant woman,obeying all traffic laws can safe you from accident.Don’t speed and Minimize distractions — standard safe driving habits.

Drive extra carefully whenever you are driving: Always wear your safety belt with the  shoulder portion positioned over the collarbone,and the lap portion positioned  under the abdomen and across the upper thigh  with a little slack. This should be done especially when you are the driver and put into consideration when you are the passenger.

Always ensure you are  at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel,especially as your pregnancy progress and your uterus gets closer and closer to the steering wheel; it could be crushed or affected . Sit as far back as you can because the further away from the steering wheel,the less damage you might receive in a car accident.

Before getting behind the wheel,gauge your fatigue. During pregnancy,you can become tired sooner than you did when you weren’t pregnant so if you’re too tired to concentrate,ask some one to drive or  better still you want until you are feeling a little more energetic.

Generally,as an expectant mother, eat regularly once you are on the road,take along snacks and water to keep your blood sugar level, think twice about driving in poor weather conditions and whenever possible,drive before and after rush hours.

Fewer cars on th road mean fewer possibilities o mishaps.