Driving and your vision is extremely important and if you suspect your eyesight is fading then book an appointment with your opticians.

Each and every one of us who drive need to be able to see clearly enough ahead whilst driving and your vision is such an important tool to be safe on the road.

If you begin to struggle be it due to eyesight age or eye problems then see a specialist to determine what the problem is and what can be done to rectify it. This might just be a simple solution as to the need to wear glasses.

The traffic law requires you to be able to read a number plate from at least 20.5 metres with or without the aid of glasses.

Glasses must be worn if you need them to be able to do this and is a requirement by law. You must have an adequate field of vision, which means all around vision, see your optician about this and they will do a test for you.

You must inform the optician if your eyesight fades significantly and is becoming a problem while driving this does not include short or long sighted or being colour blind.

Things that can affect your vision are;

Diabetes – people with this condition can be affected with reduced or even loss of sight completely.

Heart disease – can lead to double vision and even field of vision being impaired or total vision loss.

Migraines – can cause temporary partial loss of vision, double vision, blurred vision and seeing flashing lights.

Tiredness and medication – can cause blurred vision.

Ageing – vision deteriorates as we get older typically around the age of 50+.

Glaucoma, cataracts ,diabetes or heart disease all affect your driving and your vision so must be reported by drivers.

Eyesight is really important in everyday life, don’t ignore any signs you may have of eyesight problems and get them checked out if you suspect a problem.