new supra concept

New Supra concept – the BMW/Supra joint sports car project! It’s no secret that Toyota and BMW are collaborating on a sports car. Toyota and BMW have chosen Magna Steyr, an Austrian manufacturer, to produce their joint sports car. Toyota’s Supra MKV and the BMW Z5 will begin production in 2018 and annual production of 60,000 is planned for the two models. Meanwhile, leaks out of Germany last year revealed that Toyota’s sports car is due to launch in 2018 with a BMW six-cylinder under its hood—maintaining the model’s history of straight-six engines.

New Supra concept – the BMW/Supra joint sports car project!

Last sold in the U.S. in 1998, the Supra—particularly the final 1993–1998 generation(above)—is viewed as a high-water mark in Toyota’s history. For years, Toyota has teased us with promises of the vehicle’s return, showing off the gasoline-electric hybrid FT-HS concept car in Detroit in 2007. Also, in 2014 teasing the low-slung Toyota FT-1 sports car concept. There are few details available at the moment, but the vehicle is likely to use a traditional front-engined, rear-drive layout. Engine choices are up in the air, but the existing BMW Z4 uses a mix of four-cylinder and inline six-cylinder power units.

Each manufacturer stands to gain something from this partnership. Toyota will benefit from economies of scale and BMW’s luxury vehicle expertise, while each manufacturer plans to discuss joint manufacturing and parts procurement. It’s likely that some form of hybrid technology will also make an appearance – BMW benefiting from Toyota’s expertise in that particular area. Such a system could use super-capacitors to store charge generated by the engine.

Whether a hybrid powertrain like that seen in the nearly decade-old FT-HS concept also is incorporated appears to be still up in the air. However, thanks to Toyota’s latest trademark application, it seems almost certain that some, if not all, markets will once again have access to a Toyota sports car by the name of Supra.

new supra concept