Lagos is notorious for its traffic gridlock. It’s bumper to bumper complexity can send the average driver crazy in less than an hour. In spite of the excitement and fun Lagos offers every tourist, guaranteeing a return visit, first time visitors are astounded with the length of time people spend trying to get to their destinations.

With everyone hurrying to weave their way out of the jam, there is the possibility that drivers may snap and engage in the exchange of blows in public.

Tune to Traffic Radio

Due to the distasteful traffic, the Lagos State Government on May 29, 2012 launched the Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM to inform Lagosians about the gridlock. They offer information on alternative routes and locations where the gridlock is worse. They work in conjunction with the Lagos State Road Maintenance Agency (LASMA) and it is a reliable platform to get traffic information.

Wind up your windows

This is a safety tip to ward-off ‘snatch and run’ thieves. This is important if you leave home early in the morning and arrive late at night as these thieves are eagle eyed and always looking for vulnerable victims.

Ignore the Yellow buses

The yellow buses aka ‘danfo’ are kings of the road and often feel that they drive better than the other road users. Their recklessness has lead to the loss of lives and property of other commuters therefore, you need unconventional patience to survive the temptation to lash out at them. On a frequent basis, you will find them to be the real cause of the traffic because they indiscriminately pick passengers at unauthorized busstops.

Obey Traffic Laws

LASMA officials are always on the hunt for traffic offenders. Their attention is most times on private cars because of the juicy amount they can extort and extract from them. They could invent a ridiculous traffic offence to arrest their unsuspecting victim. So, try as much as possible to obey traffic light, seat belt, and one way rules.

Leave home early

If you have an appointment in Lagos for 10am, and you are serious about meeting up, you may need to leave home at 5am. This is how the traffic has defined the life of many Lagosians. It is a routine that has converted many buses to beds with a rare opportunity for commuters to sleep. The routine is leave early and arrive late to avoid and survive the gridlock.

Source: Jumia Travel