Shoppers look at expiration dates on things like food and medicine, but did you know every tire on your vehicle also can expire? Ignoring it could have dangerous and even deadly consequences.

We’ve all seen them on the side of the road, swerved to miss the debris and maybe even wondered what we’d do in the moments after one of the tires on our car blows.

Every tire has an expiry date after which it must be replaced; Failure of which could risk the car owner having blown-up tires while driving! The life span of a tire from the date of manufacture is four years. This is an international standard.

You want to know the date of manufacture of your tire?
See image below!






The date is actually written on the tire itself as four digits. The first two digits represents the week of manufacture, while the last two represents the year of manufacture.
So,Four (4) year following the year of manufacture, tyres expires whether USED or UNUSED!

Commercial vehicle operators however, are advised to change their tyres every 4-6months depending on the frequency of usage!

Courtesy: Public Enlightenment Desk
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