Variomobil was registered as a German company in 1981. By 1985 The first motorhome built in the manufactory in Bohmte
was a VARIO 350 on VW LT. The concept of the automobile was based on the idea to have a small vehicle on the one hand and to be able to use a large living room on the other hand, the first trailer was built and named VARIO Dynamic. Based on this type of vehicle, the first commercial special purpose vehicles follow as mobile libraries, info mobiles, exhibition and presentation vehicles, mobile banks, laboratories, offices and test vehicles.

VARIOmobil stands for custom-made exclusivity for highest expectations…watch the video though in German language.

video courtesy: youtube/variomobil

A sturdy construction is not enough in order to provide high-end and long lasting bodywork. That is why VARIOmobil offers continuing quality with individuality and service in all aspects since 1983. Always focusing on the idea of stable values and customer wishes. If you appreciate advice: we will be there for you!

100 % freedom in planning
100 % custom-made
100 % motorhome construction
100 % construction of special vehicle solutions
100 % freedom in design, materials and equipment
100 % customer-oriented