Fast rising music star “Sunkanmi” has identified with the road safety initiative of AUTOXPAT. in a recent visit with the AUTOXPAT team in Ikeja, Sukanmi who’s real names are Olasunkanmi Rehanat Alonge talked about the importance of having a well maintained car especially driving on Nigerian roads. She advocated for observance of all traffic laws irrespective of ones status in the society.

Speaking further, the “Joana” singer talked about how she narrowly escaped death a few years ago while on a visit to the beach. She has God to thank for saving her life and that of other occupants of the vehicle as she would have been history by now. Though she sustained an injury on her upper lip, the scar is a constant reminder that safety on the road is every individual’s responsibility.

“i never go beyond 45 km/h when i drive within town and when i drive on the highway, i stay within 70-80km/h. that way i am sure that i am in control of the car and not the other way”.

On her experience with male drivers on the road, she said, ” trust me, male drivers in Lagos are bullies, they intimidate you once they see that its a woman driving, they bash you from behind and still claim that its your fault, but i have learnt to handle them so i don’t fall for their intimidation any more”… to continue reading