Two Nebraska children, 14 year old  Mackenzie and her 12 year old brother Ethan Behrens were on a road trip from Kearney to Colorado with their father, 44-year-old Jason Behrens, who appeared to be drunk. The children began texting 911 asking for help. They texted 911 to send a cop to stop their father fromallegedly driving drunk in a rental car on March 25 and putting their lives at risk.

Mackenzie told NTV News:

“We told him many times, we don’t want to go anymore because you are really drunk and I don’t want to die,”

Allegedly ignoring his children’s pleas for him to stop the car, their dad kept driving on what would be a seven-hour drive, swerving as he drove.

“The next time he swerves, send the text,” Ethan said he told his sister.

“And he swerved again so I pushed send,” she added.

The children kept texting with a 911 operator, describing businesses they passed by so that police could find them.
The kids  were able to convince their dad to stop at a Burger King so they could eat – unbeknownst to him, the Police were already on their way to catch up with them.
When Police finally caught up to the family, they had Behrens take a breathalyzer test. His blood alcohol content was 0.224%, which was nearly three times the legal limit, police said.
He was arrested and charged with DUI, his second offense, and two counts of driving under the influence with a passenger under 16, officials said.
Their Mum is now fighting to get full custody of the kids. She said the kids don’t want to be around their father anymore.
He is due court for his arraignment on April 27.
source: NTV News