It’s easier than ever to find reviews of products before you buy them and tires are no different. Although it may not be as exciting as reading other reviews, doing a little research on your tire purchase can help you get exactly what you want.

Look for information about how the tire may help fuel economy, how long the tire has lasted for other people, how much road noise it makes, how well it handles, and if there are any known problems or potential recalls.

Subscription services like Consumer Reports will break the tire down into categories such as dry braking, wet braking, hydroplaning, tread life, ride comfort and others [source: Consumer Reports]. Information like this will give you a good perspective on the quality of the tire you’re purchasing. Compare several types of tires and find the one that matches your needs as well as your budget.

Not all tires will perform the same way when it comes to hydroplaning, braking, cornering, etc. Reading what others have experienced or what experts say about a specific tire will help you make an informed decision when you purchase your tires. Keep in mind that the most expensive tire may not be the best one available.

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