Lagosians have suddenly woken up to the reality of using the pedestrian bridge provided by the Lagos state. This bridges have been in existence for many years but what amazes us is the way commuters refuse to use the these bridges which are actually meant for their safety. Often times you observe how people just dash across very busy highways without thinking of the high risk of such actions.

With the renewed vigor injected into the Kick Against Indiscipline brigade( K.A.I), it seems that Lagosians are learning to use the foot bridges the hard way. Ojota, one of the busiest axis of Lagos has a pedestrian bridge and it is also an area where you see people fail to use the bridge even with KAI officers visibly seen around the bridge. That was in the recent past. Enter Ojota now, you will notice heavy human traffic of people queuing to climb and descend the bridge.Stern looking KAI officials in Lagos have now been positioned at both ends of the Ojota bus stop along the ever busy Ikorodu road to arrest and fine anyone who crosses the express road. Many passengers have been forced to make use of the pedestrian bridge as they fear being arrested and then fined.

This is a highly commendable effort on the part of the Lagos State Ministry of Environment.



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