Safety tips on how to identify fake Policemen at a glance.
Here are some tips to guide us to security consciousness.
1, Number tag of a real Policeman must be six digits, less than six is fake.
2, Only female Police officers have their numbers begin with “0”, any Policeman with number beginning with “0” is fake.
3, Every Policeman’s name tag is woven to the shirt, no more removable name tags.
4, A distinction between the normal Policeman and the spy (supernumeracy) Police personnel is that a “SPY”       number must be either three or four digits with the word “SPY” boldly inscribed on their uniform shoulder.
Please at night always roll up your windows in traffic, central lock your doors, be double sure they are true Policemen, if they are not, be strong and speed off. Never get frightened. Be watchful, they are everywhere.
Educate your friends and family members.