Nigeria is currently experiencing the worst ever fuel scarcity in its history as a sovereign nation. however, as the fuel scarcity being experienced all over the country persist, the country’s Petroleum Pricing Regulatory body,(PPPRA), says it has no plan to increase the official pump price of petrol in the country. In a statement released on Sunday, April 3rd, the Acting Executive Secretary of PPPRA, Sotonye Iyoyo, said it will retain the retail prices of N86.00 for the NNPC, and N86.50 for the other Marketing companies.

The statement advised marketers to ensure that there is no price distortion in their respective fuel stations. The regulatory body dismissed rumors making the rounds of an increase in pump price.

“PPPRA is resolutely committed to the sustenance of its reform initiatives, in order to further guarantee adequate supply of products nationwide. We therefore assure Nigerians of our total commitment to service delivery, in the quest to deliver on our mandate to the people of Nigeria,” the statement said.

Autoxpat monitoring team can reveal that the truth here is that most filling stations are selling at between N150- N200, many have even gone ahead to alter and adjust their dispensing machine in such a way that if you expect to buy a litre at N86.50, what will be dispensed into your tank is far less than one litre. Additionally, many of the filling stations are in the unpatriotic practice of selling the product to touts who act as agents to sell the same product for as much as N250 per litre. We  call on the PPPRA and other relevant agencies to vigorously curb this shady practices and apply all sanctions to get the system working optimally again. AUTOXPAT.PP1nm2