In Dec 08 I was a passenger in a friend’s car. I was 18. I cant remember exactly, but I think it was a clear, maybe sunny day. It wasn’t snowing, streets were dry; maybe old snow from past snowfalls.

Anyways, I remember leaving the mall, around 11:00 in the morning, got into the car and we started heading home. Then I opened my eyes and seen several dark heads over me, like standing around me, yelling. I swear I thought I was dreaming. So confused..

I opened my eyes again sometime later and was on some mat at a hospital. Again I opened my eyes, I seen the blue sky, and a lady says “we’ll be there in 20 mins”. I was on a helicopter. I’ve never even been on a plane before. Then I remember being at the other hospital all of a sudden, and doctors putting a face mask on telling me to count back from 30.

Thats all I pretty much remember from that day.

The car I was in was hit head first on my side door by another driver who past their red light as I was continuing with traffic through my green. Our car rolled and I ejected threw the sunroof. I shattered my whole left skull.

I can go into detail but it makes me SICK to my stomach when I even think about it even though I live with it in mind every second of everyday. I can start talking about it but after a minute or so, my stomach turns and I stop before I become upset.

But I was wondering if anyone else had an experience like this, and how to live with the experience.

My family understands but then doesn’t at the same time. Life took a whole 360 for me, positive and negative, but no one really understands what I really went through during and after the accident. I have not yet had one night where I have not thought about that accident.

The first 24 hours of this experience is something I could never really describe. Its not just getting hurt or the pain, its what I went through; laying there getting worked on, moved, touched, needles everywhere, tubes, all so fast. It was a nightmare.