In a statement obtained on Tuesday from the management of BOULOS ENTERPRISE LTD, the firm says that it has stopped the importation of PIAGGIO tricycles of India and is turning to focus on the production of the four-wheeler. The company said that it did not see any future in the tricycle business, hence the decision to halt its further importation. The statement said, “During the coming weeks, it would wind down and finally cease its representation of Piaggio India in Nigeria”. The company noted that with the incentives being offered by the federal government through the auto policy, it had commenced the assembly of four wheeler vehicles, “designed specifically for the emerging corporate passengers and commercial Nigerian movement”. The company stated that throughout the period it represented piaggio in Nigeria, it had trained and accredited over 800 mechanics across the country and established an assembly plant, which mandated it to train the fabrication team members in Lagos.
“BEL has supplied genuine piaggio spare parts to its network of appointed spare part dealers across xogeria through at least eight individual van deliveries each month and has provided a 24/7 technical helpline and break down service”