A 51 year old motorist identified asJoy Agboghide was on Monday manhandled by Soldiers along forestry lane, Benin, Edo State. She was said to have obstructed traffic with her parked vehicle in front of the Headquarters of the Benin Electricity Distribution company. The Incident Autoxpat learnt happened at about 4.00pm when an officer of the Nigerian Army, emerged from the Electricity company premises and instructed the woman to reverse her vehicle in order to ease traffic on the narrow road. The woman responded back by insisting that she had allowed about five vehicles to go due to the indiscriminate parking on the road. Her refusal led to an argument with the officer who insisted that she had to reverse her car. Minutes later, it was alleged that the officer returned with other soldiers attached to the BEBC and ordered them to discipline the 51 year old mother of six. she was later rushed to the central Hospital in Benin where she is being treated. Recounting her ordeal; “I went to Lagos street to get some food items, so I passed through forestry lane to the road beside former Nepa. As I was going ,the driver of the vehicle in front of me and some traders around told me to stop. I stopped and about four cars passed. Later the traders told me to go. “As I moved on, a soldier told me to reverse and explained that I had waited for some vehicles to pass, but he said, “do you know who you are talking to? Reverse! “before I knew it, he used his gun to hit my windscreen.
She claimed that she was also assaulted by a woman said to be the officer’s wife. Spokesman for the 4 Brigade command of the Nigeria Army, Captain John Unuakhalu indicated that, “he is a Nigeria Airforce Officer, but we are Investigating.