Formula One  car racing star, Lewis Hamilton has landed himself in hot waters in New Zealand and possibly dented his image after he posted a selfie video of him while riding a power bike on a busy road during his holiday at New Zealand. In New Zealand it’s a crime to operate a phone while riding a bike or driving a car and the police have begun investigation to ascertain whether the video was recorded by hand before prosecuting the World’s number one car racer.

A police source said: ‘If there is clear evidence that a mobile phone has been used to record this footage and it has been recorded by hand, as opposed to from a fixed device, then this would be deemed an offence.’ ‘The use of mobile phones is a significant distraction, especially on a motorcycle, and can cause serious crashes.’Using a mobile while driving, or riding, has been illegal in New Zealand since 2009. It carries an $80 fine (£37) and 20 penalty points.