IMG-20160315-WA0003A Tricycle Rider otherwise known as keke Marwa nearly lost his life this morning Tuesday 15th of March 2016,were it not for the timely intervention of passersby. regular commuters on the Iju Road of Ifako Ijaye Local Government are now used to the heavy traffic gridlock experienced every morning and evening. This terrible gridlock is further compounded by impatience exhibited on the path of the motorists which sometimes leads to alteration, verbal and physical abuses between motorists. So was the case this morning when a Keke Rider while trying to maneuver his tricycle to the other lane made a slight contact with a private vehicle. Realizing that his tricycle had made contact, he quickly apologized to the driver of the car but to his shock, his apology was reciprocated with a blinding slap to his face. The driver went straight to his car boot threatening to smash the Keke riders head with an iron rod. As the keke rider tried to escape his impending doom, three other occupants came down from the same vehicle and rained slaps and punches on the Keke rider. This situation further worsened the already bad traffic hold up along the Ishaga end of Iju Road. Luckily for the keke Rider, Sympathetic passersby and fellow Keke Riders came to his rescue before hell was set loose.
A bit of patience and forgiveness on the part of all road users can save lives and make a big difference on our roads.








Pictures/report by Autoxpat