The year 2015 witnessed a monumental increase in the carnage on Nigeria Roads. This has long been a cause of concern. Following the establishment of the federal road Safety commission(FRSC) in 1988,the agency has been at the forefront of nationwide campaign to drum up awareness for road safety consciousness by Motorists. Figures released recently reveal a shocking trend, according to the Federal Road Safety commission, a total of 9,074 auto accidents were recorded in 2015 resulting in 5,074 deaths as against 5,991 in 2014.The economic losses is unimaginable to say the least. A good member of these victims are family bread winners, youths, Mothers etc. in the same year 2015, over 28,000 people sustained various degrees of injuries with some leading to permanent disability.
The Federal Road safety commission claims that these accidents are mainly caused by the following;(1) over speeding;(2)Driving under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol; (3) Poor infrastructures. Other causes including Over loading, Untrained drivers, Fatigued drivers and poorly maintained vehicles. The Federal Road safety Commission with other relevant allied agencies have been on the relentless campaign aimed at directing road users on the hazards involved in driving on Nigerian roads. A lot of vehicles have been impounded and confiscated, illicit drugs at motor park have been banned while continuous education of commercial drivers is still at the front burner.
Autoxpat is also joining in the clarion call for all hands to be on deck towards a safer and sane road culture.