A certain Mr Abu was manhandled by an officer of the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS)whilst recording a fight between a Vehicle Inspection Officer and a road user.

Here is what he said below: “I was trying to capture a video of a man fighting with a VIO staff and one of the VIO staff saw me from afar and crossed over to the other side where I was standing. He attempted to seize the phone and I refused, in the process of resisting him from dragging my phone. I got two blows on my mouth and nose. Then I started bleeding…Not because am physically weak and can not fight but my profession does not permit me to so do. I’m taking recourse to the law and I hope to find justice, and most importantly, to deter them from further harassing innocent citizens.”

We at AUTOXPAT call on the management of our public institutions to be more humane and understanding when dealing with members of the public. We further recommend etiquette training for our public servants who are doing a wonderful work in keeping our roads safe.