Still south africa, news 24 filed in this report.A truck collision on the N2 near Queen Nandi Drive in Durban on Wednesday night left three people injured, two of whom were in a critical condition.

Crisis Medical spokesperson Kyle van Reenen said that paramedics had responded to the scene and found that one truck had slammed into the rear of the other.

“Paramedics along with members of Ethekwini Fire and Rescue Services arrived on the scene of the collision on the north bound carriage way of the N2, near the Queen Nandi Drive off-ramp, to find a heavy duty delivery vehicle had collided at high speed into the rear of a tip truck, which had allegedly broken down and was stationary on the roadway,” he said.

He said that two men in the rear truck were trapped in the mangled wreckage.

“The two male occupants of the delivery truck sustained life threatening injuries and were entrapped in the vehicle,” he said. “Specialised hydraulic rescue equipment was used to cut the men free from the wreckage whilst emergency care practitioners worked to stabilise them,” he added.“After being carefully extricated they were loaded onto specialised stretchers for suspected neck and spinal cord injuries, while one was placed onto a mechanical ventilator to assist him with breathing.

A third man who was the only occupant of the lead truck sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital for further care.

The highway remained closed to traffic for several hours whilst emergency services worked tirelessly to clear the scene.

courtesy:news 24